Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Personal Day

January 19, 2011 I am taking a personal day from work.
I have been having problems with my left eye, so I am going to see an opthomologist for my eye tomorrow, and while I am having a day off of work, I will get my mammogram, too.  Why not? It's been 2 years since my last mammogram.  I promised my daughter, Adele, that I would get one soon. So here I go.

OK, well, I think I am all caught up.  I can't imagine anyone would want to read this drivel.  But I think that eventually I will have some very deep thoughts.  I thought I would post my thoughts on Little Women, stuff I wrote in my notebook while studying it.  And Alice in Wonderland.  Notice how I named my blog, Amy's Adventures in Wonderland?  Well, This blog is a way for me to write down things that happen to me and my thoughts on how to juggle working, going to school, having a daughter who is engaged and planning the wedding.  This summer is also my 30th class reunion and 2 family reunions. 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was written about a young lady who tried to understand an adult world and then maturing into the real world of adulthood.  My adventures are written about an adult lady, me, who is trying to understand my adult world as my kids are maturing into my adult world.  I just hope that I don't lose my sanity throughout this busy time since I am also dealing with working at a school with kindergarten through 4th graders AND I am going to school.  Perhaps my question should be at this time: How much can an adult woman handle before she turns as mad as a hatter?

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