Saturday, January 29, 2011

math test

I am so mad that I got a 70% on my math test.  I had that question right and then I changed it!  Damnit!  It was -3 and then I went back and tried to check my answer to see if it was right, just like they suggest that you do on-line, so I tried to check it.  It didn't check out with that answer so I tried each and ever answer they had on the mulitple choice  and none of them worked, so I put 3, because it pissed me off.  But it was -3.  A little voice inside my head said, check the work you did already on the scratch paper, but did I listen to it? NO!  Of course I didn't.  Du!  If I had left that stupid -3 on the answer, I would have gotten 80% then I could go onto the next part.  But no. I freaked out!  I'm still pissed.  Why am I so mad?  Am I tired? Over worked? Having a mental breakdown?  Lisa says I bury too much inside.  Perhaps the volcano is just erupting. A small eruption, getting ready for the big one. 

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